Welcome to Kathy/Borg Queen's website, and to pictures of the 2000 Nexus Invasion of Kentucky!!!

The Invasion took place during the long weekend of Friday June 30th to Tuesday July 4th, and was attended by : myself [Borg Queen (Kathy)],Corran (David), Alya (Isabelle), NullZero (Andy), Katya (Catherine), Pry (Ellie), Grifter (Brian), Badger (Charles), Mrs Badger (Linda), as well as their 'hosts' LadySpider (Arianna) and TheSpider (Peter).

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Here we have most of the KY Invaders grouped together in my hotel room.
Back row : NullZero, Prytania, Alya, LadySpider (thanks so much for organising the hotel etc), TheSpider, myself.
Front row : Corran, Katya.
Everytime I go to a Nexus meetup, I seem to gather 'roomies'. This time was no exception, with my roomies this time being Alya and Katya. Here we have Isabelle (Alya) relaxing in the room. I was so thrilled to see that Lexington had put on a horse show all for me! he he
Actually, there seemed to be hundreds of these models all over the city, and here is myself next to one in the central square. They of course are nothing compared to my Mr Ed.
For some reason Peter (Spider) is interested at this horse model while we wander around downtown Lexington. I liked this model horse, which depicts the Kentucky Derby, a horse race held each year in Louisville, Kentucky. Null (Andy) and Pry (Ellie) both love Anime, and therefore it is no surprise they love this horse model. It is called Manga, and is covered with cutouts of Manga comics.
Being Nexians we are all of course a little Spaced Out. Unsure however if we are as 'out there' as this horse seems to be. We all loved this horse, which we affectionatly called Nexus Horse. My first SFF Curry Hunt was held in Summer 1997 at Dallas, Texas. Good to see that the tradition has carried on when Nexians meet. To find out the full story behind Curry Hunts contact either myself or Peter (TheSpider).
The meal at this East Indian resteraunt was excellent.
Myself and my twin hostie Spider. He and I started as hosts for the SFF at the same time. In case you did not notice he is a Scotsman and quite tall.
Most of our breakfasts were eaten at the local Waffle House, which was a short walk from the hotel. Although the Spiders, Peter & Arianna slept at their own home, they did join us for breakfast. We spent the Sunday afternoon at a local park, and cooked out. So you can see as well as eating out at places like the Waffle House, Arianna likes to cookout also. Well Arianna must be a good cook as Alya and Grifter (Brian) seemed to love the food. A great time was held by all over the Invasion weekend.
Prytania (Ellie) and NullZero (Andy) just relaxing in the park. Most of our time was spent just hanging out together. The park had a lovely boating pond, and here we see TheSpiders awaiting their turn to get into a boat. ... and here we have the Spiders launching off. As you can see it was a beautiful day.
Alya and Corran soon followed TheSpiders in a boat of their own. The two boats already out were soon joined by Grifter and Katya. Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time on the lake. Here is a photo of downtown Philadelphia taken from my office window at the hospital. Please contact me to know more details.